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The Pasteur Institute is a French nonprofit and private organization working in the fields of biology, microorganisms, diseases and vaccines since June 1887. It has scientific research activities in 24 countries, including Iran, and has been active in Iran since 1920.

The SID Company, with the help and cooperation of the Pasteur Institute and under the supervision of the professors of the Department of Venom, started to provide and distribute of anti-Serum since 2012.

Pr. Shahbazzadeh and Dr. Bagheri  “SHAFA IMEN DAROU ( SID ) “ Board of Directors, have been collaborating with the Research and Implementation Team since 2012, focusing on the scorpion venom and making popular types of antibodies.

In 2015, while complying with the scientific and environmental standards in the field of industrial production, we have made good efforts and have achieved good results in the production of liquid and powdered toxins.

And now we have a good supply of powdered poison. So we are willing to export and engage in work and knowledge interactions.

For this purpose, “Scorven“ is the name of our products brand.

Our goal in this business is to achieve humanitarian goals and develop anti-body products. We will remain in our first slogan“Good Come out Of Bad”.

The SID group also focuses on providing the standard products for the research goals of the therapeutic and care products.

We hope to develop our business along with the effective scientific research in the field of manufacturing sectors of various types of cancers and skin rejuvenation, and … to achieve higher levels of science.

Our current products are powdered poison that is needed by research and science institutions and serum establishment institutes to make vaccine and anti-scorpion bite vaccine. It’s a drug for helping with the production of anticancer drugs, healthcare companies for lotion and anti-aging creams and droplets producing centers for making nature-compatible droplet.


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